Grace & Peace exists to be a faithful presence of God's love in, to, and for the flourishing of Bowling Green, KY as we celebrate together in worship, grow together in the grace of God, and embody his redemptive nature in all areas of life.

Gospel Centered

The gospel transforms everything! It is the declaration that we are not made right before God on the basis of our actions or good deeds, but wholly and completely on the basis of Christ's work. All we do flows from this truth.

Gracious Atmosphere

Grace & Peace is a place where you are free to struggle with your doubts and weaknesses. We invite you to struggle in the context of a loving, caring community of faith. 

Incarnational Ministry

We believe real ministry occurs when people are energized by the presence of Christ in and through relationships. We are committed to "being" the church, rather than having a church.


Missional Living

To live missionally means that we aren't just a church for ourselves, but a gathering where any and all can come to hear God's word. We live as a gospel community in the world — not of this world — but for the world.

Kingdom Movement

We strive to be a representation of God's kingdom in our lives, through our mission, from our community and to our world. We are much more interested in having a better city than having a bigger church. 

University Presence

We recognize the importance of engaging tomorrow's leaders with a message of contemporary relevance. As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors, and we have many on campus at WKU.