Throughout the history of the church, Christians have been marked by their generosity. Whether it is through regular tithes and offerings to a local congregation, or through the sacrifice of time (which, in our day, may be even more valuable than money), followers of Christ have been known as people who are willing to give. 

As a church plant, Grace & Peace relies on the generosity of members and regular attenders; to contribute toward our efforts to see a better city, click here. We also take up a mercy offering each week during our Sunday worship service; 100% of this money is used to help those in desperate need, both within our congregation and also in the community. 

We also give of our time, both within the church (as leaders and volunteers) and in the community, through a variety of community organizations and nonprofits. And since the redemptive work of Jesus Christ isn't limited to sanctuaries, we honor the faithful work of redeemed souls in all manner of vocations, both "spiritual" and "secular."