In 2005, longtime friends Brian Howard and Fritz Games — both involved in ministry in Murfreesboro, Tenn. — packed up their families and moved to Bowling Green, Ky., to begin a gospel project that was previously unprecedented for the Presbyterian Church in America: Brian set out to plant a church, while Fritz began a Reformed University Fellowship ministry on the campus of Western Kentucky University. Sharing a one-room office in the back of a downtown coffee shop, Brian and Fritz set to work, planning what they could and praying (much praying) over what God had in store. 

Over the next year, RUF slowly took off, and informal Bible studies began to take place among a small group of families; and in fall 2007, Grace & Peace Presbyterian Mission began holding weekly worship services on Sunday evenings at State Street Baptist Church (home to oldest African-American congregation in Bowling Green). By 2009, Grace & Peace had outgrown State Street's fellowship hall, and moved its services to the Carroll Knicely Conference Center; Brian and Fritz had also outgrown the coffeeshop office, and moved a few doors down to the historic Durbin Building. 

Grace & Peace was "particularized" (became a church) in December of 2014, and is authorized and overseen by the Nashville Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America. Our facility is located in Bowling Green's Sugar Maple Square. Over 40 families are members of Grace & Peace, committed to building up God's kingdom on earth through the church's worship and work in Bowling Green.